Welcome to our Nursery & Preschool Ministry. We want your visit to our church to be relaxing and comfortable for your little ones. Our nursery and preschool area is designed to help engage and share the love of Jesus to everyone involved. Your child will enjoy spending time with the loving members of our Nursery and Preschool team. Here are some information that you will need to know for your visit to our Nursery & Preschool area…

Communication is Key…

We feel your child should have the safest & greatest time here at Good Hope. Please use the information card you will receive upon entering the Preschool area to communicate all your child’s needs. Our volunteers will let you know if there were any concerns during your child’s stay.

Your Child’s Safety:

All volunteers have been screened & passed a background check to be able to serve here @ Good Hope Baptist Church.

Helpful Hints:

  • Please leave coats & bags outside the nursery on the hooks provided.
  • Please sign your child(ren) in and out each morning, please ensure a parent picks up your child vs a friend or family member to ensure safety. Our computer sign in system is located at the portico door. Bro. Davy Kincaid will help you sign in the first time you visit.
  • Please complete a “Information Card” so our workers can meet your child’s needs well during their stay.
  • Please indicate your desires as to when to be contacted i. e. If your child cries, misbehaves or needs you.
  • Our volunteers will request your assistance if your child is having a hard time or cannot settle while in the nursery.

Oops… When your child misbehaves:

  • We understand that children are… children, and we desire to provide the best care and guidance for them while they are with us. If your child should have a mishap or incident while in our care, our volunteers will use their good judgment to guide your child. If action is required we will:
  • Redirect the child and encourage fair play. Kindly warn the child that their behavior is not acceptable. If required, a peer leader will be sent to ask you to provide remedial help (may be a text message)

Sniff, Sniff, I feel Sick…

  • For the protection of your child, other children and leadership, parents must not leave a child who APPEARS ILL. If your child has a fever, rash, severe coughing, or any contagious condition, we request that you keep your child home. We ask that your child be free of fever for 24 hours, without being on medication (tylenol, Motrin, etc.), after an illness before returning to church. Should a child become ill while in our care, we will isolate the child and a parent will be notified to pick up his/her child. Please inform a volunteer of any exposure to a contagious disease in order to notify other parents of the contagion.
  • Our volunteers cannot dispense medications.

Toys & Snack Time…

  • We request that you leave your child’s toys at home or in your car. We have plenty for them to play with here at church and we cannot be responsible for toys brought to the Preschool area. However, if your child has a security item he/she sleeps with or needs, please bring it to insure his/her comfort.
  • Please make sure you let us know if your child has any allergies that might need to be addressed.
  • Our Preschool Area is Peanut

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