Update : After talking with safety and security, and looking at the new updates to the covid guidelines, the following plan will go into effect this Sunday. We will be in our family life center through April. You choose whether you want to wear a mask or not, they will be optional. We will still check temps, as a precautionary measure…During these next few weeks we will start transitioning equipment back into our worship center.
The first Sunday in May, we will move back into the worship center, and also move back into our Sunday morning Bible classes.. We.will also begin our Sunday morning breakfast.
We will continue to monitor our status each week as we have done through this trial….Our youth and children will begin to enlarge their Wednesday schedule and we will continue our Wednesday Bible classes…We will monitor our transitions, and if everything works out, we will then begin to plan some church wide fellowships…We will continue to sanitize and monitor our status constantly…. You have done a great job with this difficult situation, and we thank you for your cooperation and support during this unfamiliar time… See you Sunday.